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Vick Tells Kids Not to Get Involved With Dogfighting

Crowd showed support for Vick at church in Southwest



    Michael Vick Speaks Out Against Dogfighting at Southwest Church

    Michael Vick just returned to the NFL and took a time-out to spread an anti-dogfighting message with support from the Humane Society. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009)

    Michael Vick talked about "God's plan" Tuesday while giving a speech to area kids in support of the Humane Society's quest to end dogfighting.

    "Use me as an example of what not to do," Vick said to kids and their parents at Covenant Baptist Church in southwest Washington.

    Vick was convicted and spent almost two years behind bars for his part in running a dogfighting ring.

    The former Atlanta Falcon just returned to the NFL and is now with the Philadelphia Eagles.

    It was Vick's idea to get involved with the Humane Society. He approached the organization and asked what he could do to help.

    Vick said he was exposed to dogfighting as a child and continued involvement in it as an adult.

    "My plan failed, God's plan worked, and that's the reason I stand here", Vick said.