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Warrior Captain Suspended for Cursing Out Nelson



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    Stephen Jackson has been suspended form the Golden State Warriors for cursing out coach Don Nelson.

    Golden State forward Stephen Jackson isn't happy with where the Warriors are in their fourth season under Don Nelson. So it looks like Jackson is trying to bring back the Latrell Sprewell era.

    Jackson has been suspended two exhibition games for throwing a profanity-laced, angry tantrum at Don Nelson during the Warriors' exhibition game against the Lakers Friday night, Yahoo! Sports reports. Jackson had also been jawing madly at the referees and at Kobe Bryant before getting in Nelson's face.

    Stack Jack already had five fouls and a technical at that point. And it was only the first quarter.

    Jackson was sent to the showers not even nine regulation minutes into the game. The Warriors then actually beat the Lakers without him, 110-91.

    I'd love to know just what Jackson said in his tirade, because it must have been pretty bad. "In my 30-some odd years in coaching, I never suspended a player before. Maybe I should have a couple of times, but I never have," Nelson told ESPN.

    Jackson's status with the team will now be decided when Jackson meets Tuesday with Nelson and General Manager Larry Riley, ESPNreports.

    Captain Jack has been vocal about his trade demands for several weeks now. We don't know whether he realizes his behavior right now is making him kind of untradeable.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who will offer an "It's a Great Time Out!" t-shirt to any Golden State Warrior willing to spill the beans on what Jackson said when he cursed out Nellie.