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Is Johnny Weir Not “Family Friendly” Enough?

Weir not included on "Star on Ice"



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    Is Johnny not "family friendly enough?"

    Quarryville, Pa.'s figure skating hero Johnny Weir just can't seem to escape controversy.

    The skater known for his flamboyant costumes and his flair for drama could have pushed too many buttons. He isn't on the list of skaters for the latest Smucker's Stars on Ice Tour. And, some activist groups wondering why the decision was made.

    Stars on Ice deemed Weir not “family friendly” enough to perform with his other fellow Olympians in the upcoming 2010 tour, according to a Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

    "To say that Weir is 'not family friendly' would be a clear jab at his perceived sexual orientation," said GLAAD's Lauren Mattia.

    Weir has never declared his sexuality. But it's certain that he is one of the most talented male figure skaters in the world.

    His sexual ambiguity continued at the Winter Games where he wore a crown of roses and controversial outfits. But, he didn't lead on to anyone his sexual preference.

    “I don’t like to look at boundaries as far as sexuality is concerned. I don’t like to look at things based on a person’s sexuality. Anytime you get men in glitter it’s flamboyant occasion,” Weir recently told Access Hollywood.

    That glitter skater fans have grown to love likely won't be skating and it wasn't clear if he made the call or if it was the Smucker's Stars on Ice people, according to the New York Daily News.

    When the news broke on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter public outcry and support for Weir shot through the roof. One tweet read "Shame on you Smucker’s if Johnny Weir can be family enough to represent the USA he should be family enough to be in Stars on Ice.”

    No matter who you believe here, it's a shame for skating fans that Weir won't get his swan song.