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What Kevin Kolb Would Mean to SF? An NFC West Title

Howard Eskin thinks Philly back up is the 49ers missing ingredient



    What Kevin Kolb Would Mean to SF? An NFC West Title
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    Kevin Kolb could be the missing ingredient in San Francisco.

    Just what would landing Kevin Kolb mean for the 49ers?

    Well if you believe one veteran Philadelphia sports reporter, the San Francisco 49ers would easily win the NFC West with the back up Eagles quarterback leading its offense.

    Howard Eskin of WIP-AM 610 in Philadelphia joined KNBR's Tom Tolbert and Ralph Barbieri to discuss the possibility of Kolb landing in San Francisco.

    With the Eagles using the exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick Tuesday, some like ESPN's Adam Schefter, believe that Philadelphia may be more open to trading Kolb to another team.

    At 26 and after four years on the bench, Kolb wants to start.

    Eskin is one of those who believe Kolb will be a successful quarterback whenever he gets the chance to start. On Tuesday he compared the young Eagle to another quarterback 49ers' fans wish they had: Aaron Rodgers.

    "I had Rich Gannon on last week during the Super Bowl and he thinks he can reach the level of Aaron Rodgers and that's very high praise," he said.

    Still, Eskin said he was the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers he would make a trade for Kolb "in the a stinking heartbeat" because "Kevin Kolb is ready made to take that team and win the division."

    All that said Eskin doesn't Kolb will be going anywhere. Eskin said he believes the combination of the threat of an NFL off season without free agency because of the league's ongoing labor dispute and Kolb's low salary -- by NFL standards -- would be the reasons Philadelphia would keep him.

    What would it take in Eskin's mind to pry Kolb out of Philadelphia? A first round draft pick this year, if the league works out a new CBA. If that happens, Eskin believes Kolb will land either in San Francisco or Arizona.

    Eskin knows what he is talking about too. He spoke with Kolb just last week and he is scheduled to speak with Eagles' President Joe Banner Wednesday, where you can bet he will ask about Kolb being traded.