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Winning Is Good for Giants' Neighbors



    Winning Is Good for Giants' Neighbors
    Lori Preuitt
    MoMos is packed on game days. It won the game of location location location.

    Winning is good for everyone. Not just for Charlie Sheen.

    Take for example the San Francisco Giants' World Series winning last season, which turned into winning for businesses around AT&T Park.

    The San Francisco Examiner reports that businesses around the ballpark saw their business increase during the Giants' World Series run.

    Pete Osborne, who owns three restaurants near the ballpark, told the paper his business was up about 50 percent last year and he expects the new baseball season to continue the upward trend.

    He said about 60 percent of his annual business takes place during the baseball season. The good news for him and his neighboring businesses is that ticket sales for the Giants is actually up by 46 percent this year.

    Winning will do that for a team and a neighborhood.