World Series Trophy Makes Stop at NBC Bay Area - NBC Bay Area

World Series Trophy Makes Stop at NBC Bay Area



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    Sajid Farooq

    The thrill of the World Series made its way through the front door of KNTV Tuesday.  Because NBC Bay Area is the broadcaster for the San Francisco Giants, the GM pulled some strings and got the team to bring the trophy to the station Christmas party.

    As the Tiffany blue cloth was removed, the newsroom erupted in cheers.

    A two hour stint seemed like a long time at the beginning, but the crowd around the statue did not thin as expected.  That didn't stop hundreds of photos to be taken of the coveted piece of metal 54 years in the making.

    The statue and its handler, Erin Reilly, are busy this post-season. Reilly has been dubbed the CTO of the team (Chief Trophy Officer). Reilly is making a marathon effort to bring the World Series Championship to as many fans as possible.

    It spent last week back at AT&T Park where thousands of season ticket holders stood in line to take a photo.

    Its also made appearances at the San Jose Holiday parade, KNBR, Comcast and other private sponsor events.

    Don't fear though Giants fans. There is a plan being worked out for the statue to go on a public tour.

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    Seeing the trophy is one of the really good perks of the job for Lori Preuitt.