‘People' Want Kevin Durant to Be Where He's Needed, Chris Broussard Declares

Are the Golden State Warriors better without Kevin Durant? The answer is obviously no.

They just know how to win high-level basketball games without him. That doesn't mean they are better without him.

Draymond Green recently called it "idiotic" to think the Warriors are better without Durant.

The Warriors are a great championship-winning team without Durant. They are a historically great championship-winning team with him. They need him in order to keep this dynasty rolling.

But Fox Sports' Chris Broussard doesn't believe so, and he went on a long-winded monologue about this topic Monday on "Undisputed."

"Everybody's asking that question. Are they better, KD was asked that, are they better without him? Honestly, I don't think we'll know," Broussard said. "Like, if they sweep the Raptors 4-0, could you say, 'Oh, there it is. They are better without KD'? No. They beat Cleveland with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving one year, and eight of the last nine games with KD. So even then, the only way I think we can have enough evidence to say 'You know what, they're better without Kevin Durant' is if they win it this year without him, he leaves, they have a great regular season, not 73 wins, but 65 wins and roll through everybody and win the Finals again without him. Then I think you can say 'OK, they're better without him.'"

Then Broussard invoked the dreaded "people" when making his next point. We're not sure who these "people" are, but we'll let Broussard finish.

"Here's the crux of the matter. If they win a title without him, it's not that they are better, you just don't need him," Broussard said. "There's never been a player in the NBA of Kevin Durant's ability. Guys in his ilk, [Larry] Bird, Magic [Johnson], [Michael] Jordan, LeBron [James], [Tim] Duncan, Hakeem [Olajuwon], whoever, they all were needed by their teams. None of those teams could have won championships for long stretches without those guys. That's what people are challenging KD to do, is say 'Look, you're of that ilk, go somewhere where you're needed and win a championship.'"

We're going to have to disagree with Mr. Broussard on this one.

The Warriors absolutely need Durant. When their offense gets stuck in a rut, they need him to bail them out. When Steph Curry is out with an injury, they need Durant to carry the offense.

The Warriors need Durant because two megastars are better than one. They need him because opening the Chase Center without him would be weird.

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The Warriors need Durant because winning championships is fun, and making sure the Rockets don't win one with James Harden and Chris Paul is even more fun.

Hey Broussard, tell your "people" to pipe down and mind their own business.

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