A’s Security Takes Care of Fan Who Tries to Escape After On-field Prank

[CSNBY] A's security takes care of fan who tries to escape after on-field prank
Jessica Kleinschmidt

You know what I hate more than public, ballpark marriage proposals? When a fan runs on to the field to make a fool out of himself and interrupt the game.

That's what this guy did, and we got it on camera.

During Sunday's A's-Blue Jays game, there was a delay. At first, we in the studio weren't sure why until NBC Sports California's broadcast mentioned there was a fan on the field.

*eye roll*

But then the fan realized he wasn't supposed to be there, and immediately tried to make an escape for it. And -- well ... just watch:

Security made sure to take care of him rather quickly and the A's fan he was trying to grab on to for assistance wanted nothing to do with it.

Reminder -- don't be this guy. One second of fame (which is barely considered fame) is not worth the consequences. 

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