Davis Doesn't Deny That Raiders Could Share Stadium With 49ers

Al Davis has been in football longer than Jed York has been on the planet. And the Raiders' owner was not shy to offer some golden nuggets for the young 49ers' president and the team's fans at a Tuesday press conference.

The 81-year-old owner of the Oakland Raiders' took a few minutes out of his press conference to introduce Hue Jackson as the next head coach of his team.

Davis addressed reports that the league is pushing the Raiders and the 49ers to explore building a stadium together, the prospects of Alex Smith succeeding with another team and the confirmation of the 49ers hiring a new assistant coach.

Davis confirmed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has asked the Raiders to look into building a shared stadium with the 49ers.

"The commissioner has said from time to time that he would like us to go in with them," Davis said.

He would not confirm how he felt about sharing a stadium with his cross bay rivals but he said the Raiders would explore all options.

Davis stressed that the Raiders need a new stadium and wherever the team play it needs more support from its fans.

"If we're going to compete we need a new stadium," he said.

But Davis cut the conversation short saying talk of sharing a stadium with the 49ers was not "for today."

Davis' new coach also released a bit of 49ers news. Jackson confirmed that the 49ers have hired Ed Donatell away from the Denver Broncos to coach the team's cornerbacks.

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