All-Star Snub Looks Curioser And Curioser

Distinctions are nice, but reality has a way of making them look ridiculous in hindsight.

Remember Dirk Nowitzki winning the 2007 NBA MVP and promptly bowing out in the first round against the eight-seed Warriors?

Or Reggie Bush winning the Heisman Trophy, then proving in a BCS Chapionship Game that Vince Young deserved it more?

The Sharks are seeing that phenomenon in reverse.  We're talking about goalie Evgeni Nabokov's exclusion from the NHL West All-Star roster.  The decision seems less and less sound with each game he's played since.

The Nabonator is on a holy goalkeeping tear.  

Last night setting the Sharks' all-time scoreless streak that currently stands at  170 minutes, ten seconds.

He's riding a two-game shut-out streak. It was the 44th shutout of his magnificent career,.  Nabby is second in the league in victories.  And the Sharks are tied with Minnesota for fewest goals allowed.

He even made a save with his rear end Tuesday night in a win over the Avalanche.

The Versus Network -- and God bless them, because without them a lot games just wouldn't ever get shown -- included him on their list of All Star snubs.

The numbers back it up, West starter Jean-Sebastien Giguere averages a full half-goal more per game than Nabokaov. Old-timers can -- and definitely should! -- argue in loud and no uncertain terms that, "This is what happens when you go and let people text message their All-Star votes!"

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