Andre Igudoala, Shaun Livingston Offer Kevin Durant Advice About Drama

Much like all Warriors fans, Andre Iguodala wants Kevin Durant to put down his cell phone, turn off the TV and pick up a book.

But not just any book. The 2015 NBA Finals MVP wants the 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals MVP to read the Bible as opposed to cluttering his mind with the constant chatter about his confrontation with Draymond Green.

"Don't watch it. Don't follow it. Read the Bible. That's my answer - read the Bible," Iguodala told The Athletic's Anthony Slater.

Ever since Green threw verbal arrows at his teammate and friend in Los Angeles last Monday, Durant hasn't been the same. His game is off and he's an emotional wreck. Two recent example: Durant snapped back at reporters when they asked him about his relationship with Green. And during Saturday's game in Dallas, Durant was caught on camera cussing out a fan who wouldn't stop heckling him.

"In this locker room, we're all trying to let it go, he's trying to let it go. But it's tough when everyone else is trying to keep it going," Warriors guard Shaun Livingston told Slater.

While Durant, Green and the rest of the Warriors want this storyline to go away as quickly has humanly possible, the national media is feasting on it. The demise of the Warriors' dynasty is a hot topic on national TV.

Livingston compared viewers' fixation with the Green-Durant drama to the election of Donald Trump as president.

"People feed off controversy. We got a president who basically ran a whole smear campaign and won, you know?" Livingston told Slater. "Straight controversy. It just keeps going because, look, this will probably be your most read article. This topic gets the most viewers tuning in for the show - Fox, ESPN, all those sports talk shows. It just is what it is. It's the business."

It's safe to say that the media won't stop talking about the drama anytime soon. If the Warriors keep losing, it will come up. Once the Warriors start winning games again, the media will ask if they have moved past the drama.

Maybe Iguodala should tell the media members to go read the Bible.

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