Andres Torres Not Coming Off DL on Friday

Andres Torres, sidelined with an Achilles tendon strain, was supposed to come off the disabled list on Friday.

But Friday's here, and Torres is still disabled. Er, at least, listed. And it looks like he won't be back just quite yet.

Maybe this shouldn't be that big of a surprise -- after all, Bruce Bochy said on Thursday that Torres might suffer a delay in his return to the Giants' lineup.

"He's not quite ready yet. He'll tell you that, too," manager Bruce Bochy said, per Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle. "But he is ready to see better competition."

Torres is just another example of an injured player who's causing the Giants consternation, particularly on offense.

He was a revolution in 2010, providing a shocking offensive spark and roaming centerfield with a glove that would have made Willie Mays proud (and, by the way, it's Mays' 80th birthday, in case you didn't know).

But Torres has been missing since early in the season with the injury.

Perhaps, though, it's a good thing that Bochy and the staff make sure he's completely healthy before he returns? After all, an Achilles injury is the type of thing that directly robs a player of speed and the ability to make quick cuts.

Torres needs both of those attributes when manning centerfield -- in fact, it's been suggested that Aaron Rowand remain in center until Torres is completely healthy to shift back that way.

That's banking on Rowand, who's been dealing with back spasms, staying healthy, of course.

Or, to sum up more succinctly: the Giants, everyone! If anyone expected this to be easy, they were fooling themselves.

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