A's to SJ Decision Could Come This Week, But It Won't

Who owns the rights to San Jose is the question that needs to be answered

A baseball question that's been dogging much of the Bay Area for years could be answered this week during the winter meetings in Florida.  But will it?

All the key players are gathered to discuss all things Major League.  One question the Bay Area would like to hear the answer to is whether A's owner Lew Wolff can build a park in downtown San Jose.

Oakland just announced a new plan to keep the team, but similar plans have quickly fallen apart in the past.  The San Jose plan seems to be the most viable, but the San Francisco Giants are claiming they own the city of San Jose.

The Giants have long ago laid claim on the South Bay as their territory.

A blue ribbon panel has been studying the issue for months and months and there are indications its work is complete, but still we wait for Bud Selig to either approve or deny the move.

Selig and A's owner Lew Wolff are old college buddies, and in the early days that relationship was considered key to the decision making. Yet here we are more than a year later and Wolff still hasn't received the call to go ahead and take his team 40 miles south.

Wolff told the Merc's Mark Purdy late last week he was hopeful to have an announcement about San Jose by the end of the year.  Bloggers covering the meetings in Florida say the Selig and other baseball officials are quietly saying that no announcement will be made on the matter this week.

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