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A's Fans Create Impromptu Rally



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    The only thing missing from Oakland's Planning Commission meeting last night was some beer and some Billy Bean.

    Decked-out Athletics fans heard about "money, traffic, architecture, terrorism, jobs and civic pride" on Wednesday, according to the Oakland Tribune.

    One fan told SFGate.com, "We're not going to be satisfied until there's a shovel in the ground." He was wearing a catcher's mask.

    The commission meeting was supposed to be about environmental impact of a proposed 39,000-seat stadium near Jack London Square, but it was more like a rally than 'Robert's Rules of Order.'

    Called Victory Square, the area is bounded by Oak Street, the Lake Merritt Channel, Interstate Highway 880 and the Embarcadero.

    MLB Commissioner Bud Selig started a commission back in 2009 to study whether the A's should stay put or move to Fremont or San Jose.

    San Jose was going to vote in March on accepting the A's in their town, but that's been delayed.

    And it's been like one endless rundown ever since as different markets vie for the prize.