Braves Coach Accused of Hurling Gay Slurs

High-profile attorney Gloria Allred is making a legal case out of an incident that happened at a game last weekend at AT&T Park against the Atlanta Braves.

Allred represents a man from Fresno who says pitching coach Roger McDowell made homophobic comments and crude sexual gestures with a bat to a group of men who were watching batting practice before Saturday's game.

Allred said the exact quote was, "Are you guys a homo couple or a threesome?"  She said the coach then made a gesture with a bat that simulated gay sex.

Justin Quinn, 33, said when he confronted McDowell from the stands, telling him that children were present, McDowell walked toward him carrying a bat asking him how much he thought his teeth were worth.

Quinn was at the game with his wife and 9-year-old twin daughters, who all took part in the Allred news conference Wednesday.

Allred says McDowell and the Braves should be fined and should issue an apology.

McDowell has since apologized. He issued a statement owning up to what he said and admitting it was wrong to say it. "I am deeply sorry that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize to everyone for my actions," McDowell said in a written statement.
Commissioner Bud Selig called the allegations "very troubling" and said he is awaiting a report from the Braves before deciding how to proceed.
It's possible McDowell could face a suspension or even stronger punishment, possibly forcing Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez to find a fill-in pitching coach.

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