Barret Robbins Resurfaces, Clean And Sober

The sad footnote to the Raiders'  Super Bowl XXXVII loss might be working it's way to a happy ending. Ex-Raiders center Barret Robbins, whose personal demons chased him from team meetings to a tequila binge in Tijuana, has successfully completed a tour of duty in rehab is continuing on outpatient treatment in his hometown to get his life back together.

Robbins, whom we haven't heard many good things about since he was released by the Raiders, was released weeks ago from a drug rehabilitation program in Houston. This was the first rehab program Robbins has successfully completed since leaving the Raiders, and he's tried a few. He's now together enough where he's able to live life outside a residential program, and MyFox Houston caught up with Robbins as he reflects on his recent difficulties.

"I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired", Robbins said in the interview with Fox 26 Sports in Houston. "When you get to a point where you are sick of jails, institutions, near-death experiences, things of that nature, God allows you to see things in a different light and he has for me."

Sounds like the last few years have been pretty rough on Barret Robbins.

Shortly after his release from the Raiders, Robbins was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and sought treatment. Repeatedly. It kept not ending well, as Robbins' alcohol and substance abuse issues continuously derailed his treatment. It didn't help when Robbins was outed by Victor Conte in 2004 as having used THG supplied by BALCO, and eventually fined by the NFL.

Bad went to worse after Robbins' wife and kids left him, and he was arrested in late 2004 for punching a security guard at Harry Denton's Starlight Room. Just weeks later, he brawled in Miami Beach with three police -- three! -- and ended up facing charges of attempted murder. According to a Gwen Knapp piece on Robbins from the San Francisco Chronicle, Barret Robbins still has two bullets in him from the incident.

Robbins blames himself for the Raiders' Super Bowl loss, and for his litany of problems since. But he has it in some perspective, telling MyFox Houston, "I feel real good about the fact I'm breathing today."

It's probably unreasonable to think Barrett Robbins can resume his football life again. But it's at least encouraging that Barrett Robbins can resume has actual life again.

 Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who blames Bill Callahan more than Barret Robbins for the Raiders' Super Bowl XXXVII loss.

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