Barry Bonds to Pay for Stow Kids' College

Barry Bonds shows he has heart.

The lawyer who now represents Bryan Stow's family in a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers gave a new detail on a former Giants generosity to Stow's two young children.

Stow family attorney Thomas Girardi said that former slugger Barry Bonds has volunteerd to pay for their college education. He said the family has talked about turning other donations back to the fans if this suit is successful, but said the gift of a college of education is something they treasure and will keep.

"It was extraordinary of Barry Bonds, I thought," Girardi said.  "He didn't say anything about it to the press. This was just a gift he gave  the family because he knew that it was going to be pretty important to the  kids."

Bryan is a single father. He has a son and a daughter who are both in grade school.

Bonds visited Stow on April 22, while he was still in a Southern California hospital.

Sources close to Stow told NBC that Bonds also spent an hour in Stow's room and left a signed baseball bat for Stow's children.  At the time, there was no mention of a donation to a college fund.

Bonds is not the only member of the Giant organization who have reached out to Stow and his family. Several members of the current team have visited Stow and the family. Pitcher Tim Lincecum also dug into his personal bank account and gave a $25,000 donation to the Stow family fund.

The lawyer was talking to reporters on Tuesday to inform them about a new lawsuit filed on behalf of Stow. Stow's family is suing the LA Dodgers and owner Frank McCourt. The suit was filed Tuesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Read a PDF file of the lawsuit here.

It alleges that the Dodgers have "shown a total disregard for public safety" and seeks an undisclosed amount of money.

Girardi said the medical expenses alone are massive.

"This is not a case where the family quote 'wants money,' this is a case where they want to take care of him and make sure those kids are taken care of," Girardi said.

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