Barry Zito Involved in Car Accident Wednesday

Barry Zito's spring took a turn for the worse on Wednesday when the Giants' pitcher was involved in a car wreck in West Hollywood.

Per's Jim Street, Zito "did not appear to be seriously hurt" following the two-car accident that took place near Sunset Boulevard and Sunset Plaza Drive, near where Zito lives in Hollywood Hills.

In fact, any injury to Zito was considered so minor that he was only listed as a "party to the accident"

"It was just to be checked out if he had injuries or not, and I believe he was released from the hospital," Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Joseph Morien said.

Zito's also not expected to be considered "at fault" for this particular accident.

With that out of the way, the good news (because, obviously, the main good news is that Zito's okay) is that Zito won't have to worry about pitching until the third game of the season, when he's scheduled to pitch the series finale against Los Angeles.

The Giants arrived in L.A. late on Wednesday, following their spring training finale, to square off on opening day against the rival Dodgers.

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