Baseless NBA Trade Speculation Heating Up

Will the Warriors make a trade?

With the trade deadline in just over two weeks, NBA trade rumors are hitting the Internet hot and heavy.

And the Warriors are every bit as involved as a team should be when they’ve won only 15 games at or near mid-season.

First, the obligatory caveat – these are all Internet rumors, many of them with no basis in reality.

Some are based on off-the-record comments by actual NBA general manager.

Some are made up by a guy with a DSL connection in his parents’ basement. But speculation is fun and exciting, and Warriors fans are desperate for a reason to toast to better days.

One Dub seeming likely to move is rookie Anthony Morrow. The same Anthony Morrow who has played with the team only three months, so trading him this quickly doesn’t really validate that particular personnel move.

But that’s Warrior basketball! Don Nelson has reportedly threatened Morrow with a trade in practice, while for his part Morrow just fired his agent to replace him with someone willing to make “play him or trade him” demands. This does not look like a beautiful marriage.

Morrow has also been mentioned in possible trades for Charlotte Bobcat Raymond Felton, as had Brandan Wright. Wait, Brandan Wright still plays for this team?

Evidently so.

Another one making the rounds is Ronny Turiaf being shipped back to the Lakers for the barely pronounceable trio of Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic, and Vladimir Radmonovic.

Personally, I am just now realizing that Vujacic and Radmanovic are actually two separate guys.

The most intriguing rumor of the bunch has Monta Ellis going to Utah straight-up for Carlos Boozer.

Intriguing because it would bring this team some solid rebounding, intriguing also because again the Warriors would be losing the only player they have whose jersey anyone ever buys.

And as Jason Richardson and Baron Davis fans will tell you -- that too is Warrior basketball.

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