Bay Area Bars, Restaurants Preparing for 49ers Playoff Game

The San Francisco 49ers take on the Green Bay Packers in the first round of playoffs Sunday in Green Bay, and in the Bay Area, local bars and restaurants are getting ready for the game, along with the onslaught of enthusiastic fans.

Downtown San Jose is expected to be buzzing with excitement for most of Sunday. The kegs are stacked and the kitchens are ready to go for tomorrow’s big match up.

The Brit in Downtown San Jose is expecting a full house.

"All of the employees are pretty much working tomorrow so it’s gonna be really packed," Britannia Arms Manager Lucio Garcia said.

The 49ers are facing a familiar foe in Sundays’s Wild Card game against the Packers. And fans are ready to see their respective teams play in the less-than-perfect weather conditions expected in Green Bay, Wis. Sunday.

"I am hoping that the weather will deter the 49ers a little bit, so I’m hoping Green Bay sneaks it out somehow," Packers fan Mike Balow said. He added, "It’ll be a big game tomorrow. Always fun to watch them at Lambeau in the cold."

49ers fan Curtis Rodriguez disagrees, as he said he thinks the 49ers will still win by 10 points despite the frigid conditions..

"I’m hyped," Rodriguez said. "It is so exciting. I’m just glad I am back here in San Jose where the weather is really nice and not freezing."

Not so much luck in Wisconsin.

Sunday’s game could be the coldest in NFL history. The Packers have already announced they will be offering free coffee and hot chocolate to fans who brave the sub-zero temperatures at Lambeau Field.

"Try and stay ahead of it," said Charlie Millerwise, who works as an operations manager at DNC Sports Service at Lambeau Field. "Granted, we're well aware we're going to have a high demand for hot drinks and we're going to do everything we can in our power to make sure we have enough for the fans."

As for the beer, it’s going to be so cold in Green Bay that to keep it from freezing, vendors are putting heaters on hundreds of beer towers.

On Sunday, it will be a rekindled rivalry. The two teams met in last year's postseason where the 49ers came out on top, and fans are hoping for a repeat this year.

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