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'We're World Champions': Bay Area Star Scores Game-Winning Touchdown in Super Bowl LII

It's a catch that the Bay Area product will likely never forget.

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz, who was born in Southern California but played football at Monte Vista High School in Danville and then at Stanford University, scored the game-winning touchdown to help the underdog Eagles dethrone the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Bay Area Star Plays Hero in Super Bowl LII

Despite leading for most of the contest, the Eagles found themselves stuck with a third-and-7 from New England's 11-yard line with 2:21 to go in regulation. Ertz ran a quick crossing pattern across the middle of the field, snagged a pass from quarterback Nick Foles and leaped into the end zone. The 6-foot-5-inch tight end bobbled the pass after crossing the goal line but was able to regain control. After a few tense moments, his effort was ruled a catch following official review.

"If they would have overturned that, I don't know what would have happened to the city of Philadelphia, but I'm so glad they didn't overturn it," Ertz said in a postgame interview. "And wow, we're world champions!"

The Eagles would later tack on a field goal, but it was Ertz's 11-yard score that sealed the first Super Bowl title for the City of Brotherly Love.

Still soaking in the victory, Ertz took time to thank his family back home in the Bay Area for their years of unwavering support.

"I wouldn't be here without my mom and my dad and my brothers," he said. "They pushed me along the way. My mom got us to everything that we ever needed to. I got three little brothers and we never missed a practice. She made sacrifices that she didn't have to, but we're world champions now."

The 27-year-old also expressed gratitude to his former coaches and mentors in the Bay Area who helped establish the groundwork that he would build on en route to a Super Bowl ring.

"There's so many people that helped me along the way," Ertz said. "Going to Monte Vista in the Bay Area set me up for this."

The Ertz family had deep roots in Danville. All four boys attended Monte Vista, and the youngest, Jackson, is still there, in his senior year.

The school community expected big things from Ertz, but they probably didn't expect a play as big as Sunday's. Ertz's high school football, Craig Berman, thought for a moment about the odds.

"I just kinda thought about it and thought there’s only been 52 Super Bowls in history and probably 20-25 game-winning catches," Berman said. "And I just coached one of the kids who was able to do that! And it couldn’t have happened to a better guy."

A pep rally popped up at Monte Vista High, with students celebrating with signs and jerseys. A family friend was still in shock.

"It was just kind of like surreal because I never thought that someone I grew up knowing was going to play in a Super Bowl," Steven Kaiser said. "And I think that’s how a lot of people felt."

Ertz finished Super Bowl LII with seven receptions for 67 yards and one unforgettable score.

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