Show of Force at Dodger Stadium

Getty Images

Los Angeles police put on a show of force at Dodger Stadium Wednesday --in time for the first Los Angeles-San Francisco series since the beginning of the baseball season.

That was when two Dodger fans beat up a San Francisco fan, Bryan Stow, allegedly because he was wearing a Giants' shirt. So the LAPD enhanced security at the stadium with a high-profile roll-out.

"We worked the plan, fine-tuned it," said Deputy Chief Jose Perez.

The heightened security didn't seem have much of an effect on the field, where the Dodgers, playing for a largely empty stadium, lost 8-5.

The Bay Area paramedic remains in a coma. This week, Stow was transferred from County USC Medical Center closer to home in Northern California.

He is now at San Francisco General Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

"After thirty hours of  continuous EEG monitoring, he has no further seizure activity," said Dr. Geoffrey Manley of SF General.

Stow was taken off one of this four anti-seizure medicines Wednesday. Doctors will begin a process to assess his true level of brain function.

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