What's To Like About Kansas City: Water Fountains and BBQ

Reporter Bob Redell gives Bay Area Giants fans a tour of the Midwestern city

As Bob Redell wakes up early and stays up late to provide the latest news on the World Series first two games in Kansas City, the intrepid NBC Bay Area reporter needs to nourish himself, both culturally and physically, in between his short breaks of baseball coverage.

And as a Bay Area resident, Redell was hoping to show the Bay Area what there is to like about Kansas City - a Midwestern town 1,500 miles away.

Sure, the home of the Royals - which are now tied 1-1 with the Giants in Game 2 of the World Series - doesn't boast the Golden Gate Bridge, or tech giants like Facebook or Google.

But the Missouri city of nearly 500,000 does have two special things to offer: Water fountains and BBQ.

And Redell set off to give Giants fans who didn't make the trip a quick tour.

First, he literally jumped into some of the 200 fountains in Kansas City, telling his story on camera while getting drenched from inside the pool. Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains one nonprofit has defined as "flowing treasures." Kansas City has more fountains than any other city in the word, except Rome.

Next, he took off for the other Kansas City specialty, which is better known to most the world.

So Redell took off for LC's Bar-B-Q, and "Old school spot for traditional barbecue eaten in a bar-bones dining room" as one online reviewer put it.

The owner's grandson and longtime employee Juan Hammett said: ""Best BBQ in town. I'm not being biased. It's the best."

Customer Keven Flaherty agreed. "It's really tender," he said simply in between bites. "The meat just falls off the bone good."

What's the secret? Owner LC Richardson himself wouldn't say. "Only me that knows," Richardson said.

Then Redell had to try for himself.

Watch the video above to see if he liked it.

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