Here Are Some Bloopers From the 2022 Winter Olympics

Check out some of the most entertaining moments from the 2022 Winter Games

The Olympics is the most prestigious showcase for decorated athletes to pageant their skill at its highest caliber. The point is to earn Olympic hardware -- whether that be gold, silver or bronze -- and represent your home-country with tenacity and honor.

But who can honestly be serious for every moment of this 16-day event? We’re all human. We are here to thrive in athleticism, but sometimes humor is just inevitable. Mistakes happen, athletes misstep, unexpected moments are caught on camera and personalities are displayed.

But that’s why these Games are the chance of a lifetime - it’s a combined experience of hard work, competitiveness, strength, sportsmanship and sometimes forgotten … fun. 

Legendary moments in athleticism were undoubtedly displayed, but there are some hilarious highlights we will never forget. 

Switzerland’s Raphael Diaz bodied a referee during a men’s hockey game and Finland’s John Sallinen slammed a camera man on his last jump of the freestyle ski halfpipe. Commentators danced, spectators dressed in pretzels and athletes hijacked snacks during press conferences. Even Beijing’s mascot Bing Dwen Dwen took a tumble on the ice while dashing along. 

It’s safe to say the Games were successful in more than just competitive aspects. These athletes had the time of their lives. 

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