Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim Wants Mac and Cheese Following Olympic Halfpipe Gold

Food has been on Kim's mind at the Olympics before

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With another Olympic gold medal around her neck, Chloe Kim can focus on her next mission: finding some mac and cheese.

“Maybe I can get some mac and cheese,” she said following her second straight victory in the Olympic women’s snowboard halfpipe. “That’s been kind of a hot commodity out here.”

Food has been a theme for Kim at the Olympics. She went viral at the 2018 PyeongChang Games for tweeting about her favorite treats and letting the world know what fueled her first halfpipe gold.

Four years later, Kim won another Olympic gold medal. She scored a 94.00 on her first run, giving her an insurmountable lead over silver medalist Queralt Castellet of Spain, bronze medalist Sena Tomita of Japan and the rest of the field.

Following the win, fans – including other Olympic superstars – figured Kim had food on her mind:

With her Olympic competition schedule completed, it won’t be long before Kim can acquire some mac and cheese back in the U.S.

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