Alysa Liu

Watch Alysa Liu Score Big in Free Skate of Women's Singles Figure Skating

The 16-year-old American scored 139.45 in the second half of the competition

Alysa Liu followed up her top-10 finish in the short program with an excellent showing in the free skate of the women's single figure skating event.

The 16-year-old scored a 139.45 while performing to "Violin Concerto in D," catapulting her to the top of the leader board.

Her two best jumps in the routine were a triple lutz-triple toe loop and triple lutz-single euler-triple salchow, both of which earned her double-digits in points.

Liu previously notched a 69.50 in the short program, so combined with her free skate score, the American grabbed a total of 208.95, finishing in eighth.

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