Chloe Kim

WATCH: Chloe Kim Shares a Heartfelt Moment With Family After Gold Medal Win

Chloe Kim has now won back-to-back gold medals in women's halfpipe

After winning back-to-back gold medals in women's halfpipe, Chloe Kim shared a heartfelt moment with her family as they joined her on the screen in her post game interview.

Kim, who is on her own in Beijing, was not able to see her parents in the crowd cheering her on.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the host country put in place strict COVID-19 health and safety protocols, which only allowed mainland China residents to attend.

During PyeongChang, a then-17-year-old Kim was accompanied by her father, Jong Jin Kim, and her mother, Boran Yun Kim, but in Beijing, she was only able to see them on a screen as she teared up with joy after her dominant win.

“I mean, they are my No. 1 fans,” she said of her parents.

“I always look forward to seeing their faces at the bottom of the pipe, cheering me on.”

Ahead of this year's Games, Kim released a minute-long video on Instagram that she dedicated to her parents. The video, titled “Always There,” showcased never-before-seen family home clips and special recreated moments.

Although her parents were miles away, she was still able to share this special moment with them.

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