Bill Hall Might Be DL Bound After Being Spiked

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Bill Hall suffered an unusual -- and unfortunate -- injury on Thursday night when Jason Bartlett slid into second based and tagged Hall in the shins with his cleats.

The play, commonly known as "getting spiked," can be seen here, courtesy of

Of course, Bartlett doesn't seem to do anything particularly malicious -- Hall was blocking the base and just caught some spikes to the shin.

Unfortunately, intent might not matter as far as the injury goes, and according to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury-News, he might be headed to the disabled list.

"There's not a lot of skin left to over the wound," said Hall, who needed seven stitches for the wound. "I knew as soon as it happened. This is the second time in my career I had one. The other time, my kneecap was showing."

Yes, "ew" is the correct reaction.

Speaking of "ew," Hall hasn't exactly been lighting things up at the plate (a .158/.220/.211 in just 16 games) and was replaced by Miguel Tejada at second base, which is indicative of "not being good."

But because Mike Fontenot's on the disabled list and Freddy Sanchez is likely donezo for the year, losing Hall for any period of time hurts simply from the standpoint of the depth chart.

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