Bill Murray Allegedly Threw Fans' Phones Off Carmel Restaurant Roof: Report

It’s that time of the year again — celebrities are hitting the links in droves for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am.

Timberlake, Murray, Kenny G and other famous last names are taking over the quaint town of Carmel, hitting up popular restaurants and bars.

Two of them were in the news today. Timberlake for throwing one of his famous tequila parties at the Vesuvio trattoria-bar-pizzeria in Carmel Thursday night, and Murray, for tossing people’s phones off the restaurant’s roof, TMZ reported.

Murray reportedly got irritated when some starstruck patrons started taking his picture, according to TMZ. The restaurant’s owner, Scott Pepe, told TMZ that Murray wasn’t drinking.

“The fans were pretty obvious, with flashes going off only 10 feet away from Bill, according to Scott,” TMZ reported. “He says Bill got so angry he got up and chucked their phones off the 2nd story rooftop.”

The site reports police were called to the restaurant but the Caddyshack star had already left by then.

Celebrities Hit the Links at Pebble Beach

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