“Blessed Beyond Belief”: Stephen and Ayesha Curry Expecting Second Baby in July

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry delivered some good news to fans on Instagram. And it didn't involve basketball.

"Didn't think it was possible but My #WCW just got even sexier! Baby #2 on the way. Been blessed beyond belief already and I praise Him daily! God is great!" Curry posted on Instagram with a picture of him and his wife Ayesha holding a sign that read "#2 July 2015."

Curry and the Warriors have been on a roll, with the point guard himself a strong candidate for MVP.

Whatever the pressures on court, off the court, Curry still finds time to be a great husband and dad.

Ayesha, Curry's biggest cheerleader, told NBC Bay Area in April the couple are "1,000 percent like the most normal people on earth. Our night consists of lying in bed and watching HGTV." Their world centers around their faith and their little girl, Riley, she said.

“Usually I cook a pre-game meal. It’s usually some sort of pasta, and if not pasta, and I’m not cooking, then its Subway,” she said. “He [Stephen] takes a pre-game nap, and Riley and I kind of do our thing during that time to give him a little bit of clarity of mind, a little relaxation before all the big stuff happening over there.”

Ayesha described Curry as a “great dad.” "He’s so hands on, he’s fantastic, he learned from the best — his dad's amazing, so you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," she said.

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