Bochy Realizes Rookies Can Contribute Too

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One of the biggest stereotypes surrounding the Bruce Bochy-managed and Brian Sabean-run baseball team in San Francisco is that veterans are key to success.

And failure.

Actually, you know what? It's not a stereotype if it's true, so really featuring piles of veterans is just a facet of a Bochy/Sabean roster. This is not always good, and really only justifiable when the team wins a World Series.

So maybe the Giants won't make the playoffs this year (though they could!). But at least Bochy's realizing that the kids are alright.

"It's nice to see these kids, actually not kids ... the contributions they're making. They're doing some nice things," Bochy said following the Giants win over the Dodgers Tuesday night. "They're doing what you'd like to see. They're showing they can play in the majors."

Now, what I recommend is you take a step outside, make sure that there's not blood and brimstone raining from the sky, and if there is, run back in and lock your doors, because Armageddon is happening over top of your house.

If it's all clear then, well, still, be careful. You can never really know when Bochy starts praising rookies.

Look, Buster Posey was a key component to the World Series run last year, obviously. And Bochy trusts him with a very good pitching staff. But he's different and special and amazing and whatnot.

And Madison Bumgarner is a fiery southerner. No one tells those type of guys they can't play.

For the most part, though, there's a reason why the roster is (or "was" if you prefer) littered with guys like Aaron Rowand and Pat Burrell and Aubrey Huff and Miguel Tejada -- Bochy and Sabean prefer veterans.

If they're willing to come around on the notion of actually utilizing younger players to make the offense better, that's a good thing over the long term.

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