Bonds Seeks Probation Over Prison

When Dana Stubblefield lied to prosecutors -- and got caught -- he got probation. Barry Bonds' attorneys are seeking the same treatment for their professional athlete.

Bonds' attorneys have asked a federal judge for probation instead of jail time in his April conviction on a charge of obstruction of justice during their doping investigation, according to the Associated Press. 

In their motion, Bonds' lawyers said the probation department cited Bonds' "significant history of charitable, civic and prior good works" as a major reason for leniency. The probation officer also noted that Bonds' conviction appears "to be an aberration when taken in context of his entire life," according to the lawyers. "The behavior for which Mr. Bonds is to be sentenced relates to his obstruction of justice conduct before the grand jury," lawyers quoted the probation officer as reporting in the sentencing recommendation. "The sentence to be imposed should not be about steroid use and how this use impacts his stature."

Federal sentencing guidelines for conviction on the charge suggest a prison sentence of 15-21 months. However, there is a federal probation investigative report that suggested probation.

Bonds' sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 16.

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