Hollywood Mega-Star to Play A's GM

Hollywood megastar signs up to play A's manager

We all knew that Billy Beane had a Hollywood look about him but Brad Pitt? Really? Come on.

Apparently the rumors are true. Our very own lovable general manager and part owner of the Oakland Athletics (and San Jose Earthquakes) will be played by Brad Pitt in a movie based on the Michael Lewis book "Moneyball: The Art of Winning An Unfair Game."

Our friends at Variety are reporting that Steven Soderbergh, who directed "Che" and the "Ocean's" series, is in talks to direct the Columbia Pictures movie.

Mr. Jolie, who was in all the "Ocean's" movies, has been shopping "Moneyball" since 2008, according to Variety.

Check out Michael Lewis talk about his book "Moneyball"

The book is about Beane's unique approach to scouting talent and keeping a small market team competitive in a sport where Alex Rodriguez makes more than the Tampa Bay Devil Rays entire roster. Lewis' book was widely acclaimed for shedding light on Beane's no love approach to managers, his intricate computer analysis system that he uses to put his team together and his ability to fleece his competition in trades.

Variety said that, "Soderbergh has always wanted to make a sports film" and he was excited to work with Pitt again.

Beane was on local sports talk radio station KNBR on Wednesday talking about baseball, soccer and whatever else was on his mind.

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