Belt Unhappy Over Possible Demotion

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With the news of Mike Fontenot's release, it's possible that Brandon Belt could make the Giants big-league roster for the start of 2012.

But it's also possible -- based on what many folks are hearing -- that the Giants don't think he's ready. Belt was asked about being ready and had some spicy words.

“My personal opinion? If you want to reach a certain level, you have to play at that level,” Belt said, per Andrew Baggarly of “If I need to get better against big league pitching, I need to face big league pitching.”

Woah. That's heavy stuff from the light-worded Belt. According to Baggs, though, he quickly pointed out that he wasn't trying to be critical.

“I hope that comes out the right way,” he said. “I know they want what’s best for me and for the team. I can’t control where they send me and I understand that. Wherever they put me, I’ll work as hard as I can to improve and help the team. That won’t change.”

Belt's right on at least one count: he has no say in where he goes. I'm not entirely sure he's right on the team having his best personal, long-term interest in mind, however.

After the 2010 title, the Giants gave Aubrey Huff a monster two-year deal that was wholly unnecessary (even if Huff is an awesome guy with sweet underwear). As such, they're stuck with him at first base.

If Huff was playing on a cheap, one-year deal, he would've been benched last year and Belt would've gotten a run. But he wasn't and so Belt got the yo-yo treatment.

It appears as if he could be getting it again in 2012. Of course, as Baggs pointed out, the Giants wanted "to see a more confident player this spring." Perhaps Belt should say stuff like this more often.

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