Brandon Crawford Sticking at Short

Brandon Crawford won't be replaced at shortstop despite committing his 10th error of the season on Wednesday in Milwaukee.

On Wednesday, during the Giants 8-5 loss to the Brewers in Milwaukee, Brandon Crawford committed his 10th error of the season.

He is, along with Dodgers shortstop Dee Gordon, the MLB leader in errors. But despite his penchant for bobbling the baseball, Crawford isn't losing his starting spot any time soon, according to manager Bruce Bochy.

“He's has had his rough days but he bounces back well and that’s what you need from the kid,” Bochy said per Chris Haft of “He’s done that with the bat and he’s done that defensively."

Bochy also made an excellent point about the importance of having good defense when you're a team that really relies heavily on pitching.

"There's no question -- we have to pick it up here defensively," he said. "That's what killed us in the first inning. When pitching's your strength, you need to catch the ball, and it's come back to haunt us at times."

That might seem obvious, but it's still true. And Crawford's done a pretty bad job of catching the ball this season. But there's nothing the Giants can really do to replace him.

There aren't any legitimate options out there in free agency, and there's not a whole lot the Giants can do on the roster to give him a breather. On the bright side, though, Crawford's been swinging the bat at a much hotter rate than he did early in the season.

On the season, Crawford's hitting just .226/.280/.323, which is, well, just awful. I mean, just terrible. But over the last 10 games Crawford's bat is heating up, as he's posted a .275/.370/.350 line. That's not going to put him in the All-Star Game by any means, but it's a vast improvement over what he's been doing for the first month and a half of the season.

And it'll go a long way towards helping people forget his flubs in the field. Although limiting those wouldn't hurt either.

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