Brawl Turns to Charges of “Racism”

Friday night's bench clearing blawl between the Giants and the Phillies has now turned in to a different kind of story that has the manager of the Giants using words like "racist" to describe a nationally known radio talk show host.

It all started with the on-field fight, and a radio host who is a rapid Phillie's fan with a Twitter account.

Watch video of fight here.

On Friday, both teams exchanged angry words and a few fists for 1:40 of mayhem after pitcher Ramon Ramirez hit slugger Shane Victorino in the back in the sixth inning.

In a Tweet posted after the scrum, radio host Tony Bruno called the team "gutless" and said, "Bochy is a coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hit a guy..."

Bruno quickly deleted the Tweet and later apologized on his Facebook page for his "illegal alien" remark. Bruno did not take back his comment that Bochy was a coward.

In the dugout ahead of Sunday's game, Bochy claimed he wasn't bothered by being called a coward, but said the illegal alien remark did bother him.

"For a guy to make a racist comment like that and have the ear of so many people, that bothers me. I can defend myself as a coward. I don't know if you can defend yourself making a racist comment," Bochy told reporters.

For the record: Ramirez is from the Dominican Republic.  On Sunday he told reporters that he is in the U.S. legally. 

As they say on television news, stay tuned.

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