Warriors Coach Luke Walton's Mercedes Benz Stolen During Oakland Hills Crime Spree: District Attorney

One of the cars stolen during an Oakland Hills crime spree belongs to Golden State Warriors coach Luke Walton, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley said late Monday.

Walton's Mercedes Benz was stolen Tuesday by two suspects, who police believe are also responsible for a violent attack on a 75-year-old woman outside her home on Thursday. The suspects also took the woman's car during the attack, according to police.

One of the suspects identified in charging documents is Lamonte Campbell.

The series of brazen crimes reported in the city's Montclair neighborhood have left residents rattled.

Officers arrested two people on Friday, but the crimes on the street did not stop. Residents said another family's home was burglarized later that night as they slept.

In the late Friday incident, police said it started with someone breaking into the family's car and stealing their garage door opener.

Another neighbor had her Mercedes stolen from her driveway Friday night. Her surveillance cameras were not activated because her home is being painted.

"I'm angry people feel they can come into the hills and take what's not theirs," said Carolyn Winter, a resident and auto theft victim. "We've had three this week in a period of a few days and so clearly they are surveying the neighborhood, which is also disturbing,"

Meanwhile, police continue to investigate the incidents and are working with area captains, patrol officers and witnesses to help capture the suspects. Police are also looking at any video surveillance in the area as part of the investigation.

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