World Cup Stunner: Social Media Reacts to Brazil's Crushing Defeat

A tidal wave crashed over social media after Brazil's stunning loss to Germany.

Social media erupted in disbelief as Germany routed Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup on Tuesday, as fans tried to make sense of the stunner by mourning, celebrating and mocking all things #GER and #BRA.

As the Germans scored an early onslaught of goals, their forward Miroslav Klose broke a World Cup scoring record with his 16th career goal — and while the Brazilians eked out a single goal in the final moments, they suffered for their missing key players Neymar and captain Thiago Silva.

Fans wasted no time in posting to Twitter during and after the historic game, whether they were painting a witty thought or a priceless picture.

 One young Brazil fan's reaction captured what thousands of fans were feeling: 

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