Brent Had Around 17 Drinks Before Deadly Crash: Expert

Toxicologist says BAC was 0.189

The third day of testimony in the ongoing intoxication manslaughter case against former Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent centered on the defense tackle's blood alcohol level at the time of the crash.

Toxicology experts say Brent had been drunk behind the wheel in the crash that killed his friend and former teammate, Jerry Brown, Jr.

The toxicologist who tested Brent's blood alcohol level testified it was twice the legal limit at BAC 0.189.

Justin Schwane from Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences estimated that -- based on the former football player's height and weight -- Brent would have had to consume and absorb approximately 17 drinks to get to that point.

That contradicts what Brent told officers on December 8, 2012, when he said he'd had fewer than 5 drinks before that deadly wreck.

Prosecutors said Schwane tested Brent's blood twice from two separate vials, both showing a blood alcohol test of 0.189.

In its cross examination the defense argues the blood sample could have possibly been contaminated. Schwane stands by his findings.

Two of Brent’s former teammates, Barry Church and Daniel McCray are expected to testify later in the day. They had been out with Brent the night of the crash.

Brent faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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