Brent Musburger Shares Hilarious Story of Jon Gruden Trying Not to Swear

Jon Gruden has a way with words. A way that might make a priest cringe. 

Except when he's in the presence of a woman. 

The Raiders legendary coach is known for his excessive profanity. Multiples times each Sunday television cameras flash to Gruden unleashing an impressive tirade of swear words either in celebration or frustration. 

But Raiders radio play-by-play man Brent Musburger told NBC Sports' Peter King that when side judge Sarah Thomas was working the Raiders' sideline during a game last season, Gruden had a hard time arguing calls because he didn't want to swear at her. 

"Jon is one of the more profane coaches on the sideline that you ever want to be around," Musburger told King on "The Peter King Podcast." "Al Davis used to use to the F word magnificently and I think Jon Gruden has even upped it a notch down there. ... We had a game, she was working the near side where our radio booth is. She was walking right in front of Jon, and she's walking back and forth, and Jon is biting his tongue because he just can't be Jon Gruden because she's working that sideline in front of him. 

"Later he said, "I was so frustrated, it was a terrible, terrible call. I couldn't call it an F---ing bad call. What could I do with her?' It just tickled me to no end. I said, 'Jon did you ever slip and forget?' He said, 'Yeah, I did but just once."

Classic Gruden.

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As long as Thomas isn't working the Raiders sideline, expect Gruden to let the profanity fly. 

He wouldn't be Chuckie without it. 

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