Brian Wilson's ‘General Soreness' No Big Deal

Opening Day 2012 is just 14 days away.

Brian Wilson is a key for the Giants in 2012. Or at least his health is, as it affects the depth of the bullpen and the ability of the Giants to close out games. So it's never good to hear about "general soreness."

But that's exactly what Wilson's dealing with, according to Bruce Bochy, and it's going to result in the closer getting extra rest over the next week.

According to Wilson, he's fine. And there's nothing to see here, people, so move right along thank you very much.

"Everything is good," Wilson said, per Alex Pavlovic of the San Jose Mercury-News.

Here's the concern: Wilson came into 2011 not exactly "healthy," and then proceeded to pitch just 57 innings, his lowest total since 2007. His ERA jumped above 3.00 for the first time in several years, and he simply wasn't as effective as he had been in the previous two years.

Additionally, Wilson didn't pitch after August of last year and only faced batters for the first time on March 4. In other words, injuries are a concern with Wilson.

He recently declared himself "pain free," which only makes the "general soreness" all that much more concerning.

Wilson's first appearance in spring training provided reason for hope that he'd return to form. But again, general soreness is terrifying.

It's key that the Giants not push the Beard and let him get completely healthy before putting him into action on consecutive days. The approach to Wilson's health last year wasn't quite as cautious, so here's hoping the Giants take it easy on him until he's no longer feeling pain after outings.

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