Brian Wilson Goes Back to the Future (II)

When Nike started teasing us with videos of stockrooms full of the much wanted 'Back to the Future II' Mags that Marty wore in the flick, we all thought "FINALLY!"

But much to the dismay of us common-folk, Nike announced they would only be releasing 1500 pairs, which were to be auctioned off on eBay for Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's research charity.

While the money is going to a good cause, the general thought became "Great. I still won't see a pair of those. Only 1500 rich people are gonna get 'em!" 

Sure enough, the first pair sold for a cool $37,500 to a British rapper.

Who else got a pair?  Well, looks like Giants' pitcher Brian Wilson did.

Over the weekend we got a look at The Beard wearing The Shoes during the Giants vs Rockies game.

No word on what BW paid for his pair, but good on him for contributing to the cause, even if mildly heart-breaking to see the coveted shoes in the dirty dugout!

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