Beard Goes Bird for NBA 2K

Brian Wilson does many weird things that endear him to Giants fans.

Like, for instance, going back to the future. Or giving virtual tours.

Our latest example of the Beard's wackiness? His appearance in an NBA 2K commercial, dressed up in full Celtics gear, which you can see at the 17-second mark in the video below.

Curious why an icon of the Bay Area is dressed as a 1986 Celtic? Well, as a New England native, they're his favorite team, and in this year's game, players get to use their favorite all-time teams in order to determine who's the greatest ever.

No, really.

Just ask him -- Eric Freeman of Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie has a video where Wilson discusses his appearance in the commercial which recently began airing.

It's worth a click, mainly because you get more of his short shorts and he talks like a leprechaun.

No, really.

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