Giant Squid Invade Monterey Bay

var trkcid=83255302;var partnerID=523232; var _hb=1; window.onerror=function(){clickURL=document.location.href;return true;} if(!self.clickURL) clickURL=parent.location.href; You wouldn't think something this slippery and slimy could be so attractive. But anglers up and down the California coast are scrambling to get their hooks into giant squid as they linger longer than usual this year.

Some of the boats at the Monterey Wharf are reporting massive catches of the giant squid in recent days. 

The Humboldt squid become so massive because they are anything but picky eaters and they have plenty of food to chow down on in the Monterey Bay. 

Todd Arcoleo works at Chris' fishing at the Monterey Wharf.  He says their boats are coming back with 250 squid weighing between 30 and 60 pounds.

"It's exciting catching these big things. They love it," Arcoleo said.

His charter boats leave Monterey every morning at 6:30 a.m.  Tuesday's boat had room for 20, but only held about half that number of anglers.  Seems like word is not out yet that the catch in on in Monterey.

The trip will cost you $65 and you can apparently bring home all the calamari steaks you can eat.   Squid is one of the rare fish that has no limit on the number you can catch.

They make nice calamari steaks.

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