Bryan Stow's Life Is “Drug Addled Nightmare:” Report

Seventeen types of pills, every day -- and still re-learning how to walk.

Giants fan Bryan Stow, the Santa Cruz paramedic who nearly died after he was attacked outside Dodger Stadium in March 2011, is having a rough go of it after all this time. His recovery is more like a "drug-addled nightmare," TMZ reports.

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In legal documents filed as part of his lawsuit against the Dodgers, Stow documents his recovery, which at the moment includes physical therapy as he learns how to walk and shower, TMZ reported.

Stow has sought medical advice and treatment from "neurologists, hematologists, gastroenterologists, orthopedic surgeons, and oral surgeons," according to the court filings, and among the cocktail of pills he takes are daily doses of " the anti-seizure drug Dilantin, the painkiller Percocet, Ambien, and Ritalin," TMZ reported.

Two men await trial in Los Angeles on felony charges related to the attack. Stow was "sucker-punched," allegedly by one of the men, and suffered a brain injury after he fell and hit his head.

After his health insurance provider declined to keep paying for full-time care, Stow recently moved back in with his parents, and he is expected to require daily attendant care for the rest of his life.

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