Stow Hits Medical Milestone

Bryan Stow may come home soon. That's the word from his doctors in Los Angeles.

The Giant fan who has been in a coma since Opening Day of the baseball season, hit a medical milestone over the weekend.

Stow's doctors say he is no longer in a medically induced coma. They stopped the medicines last Tuesday and there has been enough time now that they are no longer in his system. The good news is that he did not have any seizures along the way. The bad news is that he did not wake up.

The doctors said they can, for the first time, truly examine him for voluntary responsiveness, adding up until now all of his movements have been involuntary.

His family posted on their website that Stow started snoring again. They said "It's like music to our ears!"

Doctors told reporters in Los Angeles that they will now begin to decide, along with his family, if he is stable enough to move to a hospital here in the Bay Area.

Stow lives in Santa Cruz and is an EMT with the AMR ambulance service.

His family has been by his side ever since he was attacked at Dodger stadium by men wearing Dodger gear following the Giants Dodger game on March 31.

The men who attacked him are still at large.

Over the weekend, the San Jose Giants handed over a $43,362 check to Stow's family fund. The San Francisco Giants minor league teams in Fresno and San Jose collected the money during games in April.  Stow's two young children were at the game.

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