Stow Lawyer Lashes Out

Lawyer Tom Girardi is representing Bryan Stow and his family in their lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Interestingly, he's been here before, representing a Dodgers fan who was attacked on the grounds of Dodger Stadium. He lost that case.

Girardi sounds more confident this time.

“Maybe nobody else ended up with the terrible things that happened to Brian," Girardi said on the Mason and Ireland Show, via Sports Radio Interviews. "But if you want me to bring out somebody that has a fractured neck because of lack of security that just happened about a year before this, I can bring him to you. 

"I understand that crime happens. On the other hand, you have to take reasonable steps.”

If there's a precedent of bad things happening at Dodger Stadium -- which the Stow lawsuit alleges -- and the Dodgers didn't do anything to fix it, the team is going to have a tough time justifying why Stow shouldn't be compensated.

Girardi seemed pretty unfazed about the primary argument that the Dodgers will stick to, which is that there was ample security around the stadium.

“That’s total bologna," Girardi said. "Go talk to real security people that are involved in this. The presence of security stops all this stuff ... They’re going to have second thoughts because they know they’re going to get caught.”

But his most candid moment was when Mason and Ireland asked him about the Dodgers' willingness to litigate, which is especially relevant given the fact that Frank McCourt is currently and steadfastly refusing to give up on the team.

Oh, and because Girardi's been to court with the team before.

“I don’t know. The Dodgers are funny," Girardi said. "The very same people that get rid of security are probably the same people that don’t want to settle the case. If they wanted to settle this case, if they wanted to show their good faith, they could have been picking up medical bills a long time ago.

"They could have been ordering neurosurgeons to take care of him. They could have set up scholarship funds for these two kids. They know how to resolve something if they wanted to.”

The Dodgers likely have a decent argument as to why they haven't paid Stow's bills thus far in the process. Or, at least one would hope they have some sort of reasoning that's different than "our owner is broke."

Because if not, Girardi will likely make a case that will probably play pretty decently with a jury.

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