Stow's Doctors Upgrade Condition

Bryan Stow has been in a coma for nearly three months.

Doctors at San Francisco General Hospital have upgraded the medical condition of Bryan Stow from critical to serious condition.

Stow is the Giants fan who was brutally attacked outside Dodger Stadium on March 31.  He suffered a brain injury and has been in a coma for nearly three months.

Doctors said Tuesday they are encouraged by Stow's progress, adding that there is no way to know where he will plateau, but that he is moving in the right direction.

"We are encouraged by Bryan’s progress and heartened that he has improved, not deteriorated," Dr. Geoff Manley said. "We treat every patient aggressively here and we are trying to bring him along as fast as possible. But we still don’t know how far he will go. For brain injured patients, recovery takes months and years, not days and weeks. We remain optimistic, but we must be extremely cautious about interpreting his progress."

They also said they Stow is now breathing on his own, that he is down to three anti-seizure medications with no seizures and he is able to intermittently follow some basic commands.

Stow's two children reportedly visited their dad on Father's Day. They told a Monterey reporter last week that they made a collage of photos for him to hang on his hospital room wall. During their first visit following his injury, the family said Stow tracked his children's movement with open eyes.

The Stow family released the following statement Wednesday:

"We are grateful for the public's continued concern and support. We are encouraged by Bryan's improvement and we ask for continued respect for his privacy, and ours, to focus on his health."

One of the suspects in Stow's attack was ordered back to prison this week. A hearing in LA was conducted to determine whether parole should be revoked for Giovanni Ramirez. A parole official determined that Ramirez should be ordered back to prison for 10 months.

He is suspected, but not charged, in the March 31 beating of Stow.

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