Bryan Stow Virtually ‘Hands’ Ball for 1st Pitch

A San Francisco Giants' fan who was beaten into a coma on opening day last year threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Friday's home opener.

Bryan Stow was beaten in the parking lot of Chavez Ravine Stadium in Los Angeles after watching his hometown team play the Dodgers last season.

A video showing Stow lifting up his arm from his wheelchair as if to throw the ball to his son, Tyler Stow,  was broadcast on the JumboTron at AT&T Park before the Giants' home opener. His son, Tyler, actually at the Giants game, physically threw the first pitch.

Bryan Stow had his mother, Ann Stow, by his side. She wept next to her near emotionless son. They both were being filmed from an undisclosed location, while Tyler was at the game.

"We had hoped Bryan would be there with you," she said speaking to Tyler through the camera. But Stow was not on the field because of his "therapies," Ann Stow said, adding: "Tyler, your dad's going to throw you the ball."

Before tossing the pitch, a calm Bryan Stow said, "Tyler ,here's the ball. Good luck son."

Tyler Stow caught the virtual pitch and threw a strike across home plate.

Earlier this week, Stow's mother told The San Jose Mercury News that the family decided against having Stow attend the game in person.

Ann Stow said the family was worried that the experience would tire Bryan out too much.

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