Doctors Decide Not to Operate on Bryan Stow

Stow not out of the woods yet

More grim news for Giants fan Bryan Stow.

A blog post on the Support4Bryan site said he was scheduled to have more surgery Thursday night or Friday morning.

But a spokeswoman at the hospital that is treating Stow said after a conversation, his doctors decided not to perform surgery on his brain to reduce fluid build up.

Stow remains in a coma. Doctors are looking at the possibility of slowing removing the anti-seizures medication that Stow has been on.

The medication is different than the drugs used to keep Stow in a medically induced coma.

Doctors say they will continue to monitor Stow's condition before deciding on a new surgical procedure.

Police are still looking for the two men that attacked Stow on March 31 after the season opener at Dodger Stadium.

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